Ati mobility radeon hd 6370 driver for vista 32 bit


I bought hp g62 , 10 days ago with windows 7. but i don't like it and installed vista on top of windowss 7. Now i found all the drivers all worked but can't find a working grafigh driver. mine card is Ati mobility readon hd 6370, i also tried to manualy instal but also not worked
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  1. thanks for the reply but it did not work. It does install and it says its succesfully installed but the laptop still sees it as standard vga driver. I also tried several other driver but all same keeps saying standart vga driver, and yes i did uninstall the old drivers i tried first.

    Any other ideas?.
  2. First, it's a bit odd that you liked Vista over 7, it's almost the same interface as Vista but is actually good.

    Did you use the HP drivers for Video? From what I can see, they don't have Vista drivers for that model only 7 or XP. That's probably your issue. You'd need to go back to 7 or install XP.
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