XBox 360 HD DVD player problems - Will not play on pc

Hey guys. I just picked up a 360 HD DVD player from Fry's in Houston for $39.00 I couldn't pass it up, and I hooked it up when I got home, but I cannot play movies.

I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit and my father in law has Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

Windows recognized the drive and installed the drivers right away. Downloaded them and said device was ready to use.

I can play normal DVD's no problem at all but HD DVD discs are not playing.

I can rip movies from the drive to my hard drive with Any DVD HD ( 300 is at 28% as I type this )

What can I do to make movies play on my pc?

I have downloaded Power DVD 8 and no help.

Any ideas?

My hardware is 8800 GTS 320 mb
Athlon X2 5200 oc'd to 3.0 Ghz
6 GB Ram
22" Viewsonic LCD monitor

I have it hooked up DVI to the monitor.
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  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't thing PowerDVD 8 plays HD-Dvds, version 7 came with the LG combo drive I got recently. That or give WinDVD 9 or Arcsoft Total media theater a shot.
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