Slave hard drive failed

This is going to be pretty long winded for my first post so bear with me.

After a storm the other day, when booting up my computer, it ran really slowly at the detecting IDE drives on the initial screen and then would freeze up while loading windows. My initial diagnosis was the the primary hard drive (c) failed. After getting a new drive and loading windows, i hooked up what was the primary drive as a slave to attempt to retrieve the lost data. To my surprise everything booted up great and i got all of the data off that drive.

Then i hooked up the original slave drive in place of the primary drive and started having problems again. As it turns out, it was the original slave drive that failed (i'm sure glad i had the exercise of a windows reinstall). Unfortunately this is where a lot of information was kept that i would like to keep (and i don't have a backup).

Hooking this drive up as a slave to my new master causes windows to lock up during boot. I can see both drives are recognized in the BIOS and my jumper settings are correct on both drives. Using my windows install disk, i can get to DOS, but the slave drive isn't found (i can see the c drive and the cd rom drive, but i don't see a secondary hard drive).

I was able to hook the drive up externally through a USB case and i can see the folder structure on the drive, but there aren't any files.

To make a long story short, I'm looking for some advice to retrieve this data.

Also, it doesn't seem like there is physical damage to the drive. When it spins up, it sounds normal to my untrained ears.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. Lol i would tell you but i own a repair business and i dont want ppl to know how to do that
  2. Diskmanagement

    Right click my computer, manage, and the rest is self explanatory.
  3. Thanks target. If you did share, i would keep the info to myself (and anyone who reads this forum, or does a google search).

    roadrunner, what can i do in disk management to repair the drive. I know i can format from there, but i don't want to format it.
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