Quiet , aesthetically pleasing cases. Opinions.

I was wondering if anyone had any idea on a graphically pleasing , cool and quiet case for around the price of 50 pounds - mainly as an alternative to the Antec 900.

I like the antec 900 , but I hate the design - ugly.

It has to fit all of the components in the following thread in - and has to have no PSU.

http://www.ebuyer.com/product/127861 - PSU
http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/246438-13-build-lots-help-opinions#t1757867 - component thread

PS- I made a thread specifically for the case reason because I beleive I would get more replys from Case techies than in the other non specific thread.

- Ryan
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  1. I've been happy with my two Antec 180s. Quiet, has pleanty of room, cools well. I got one for $79 directly from Antec(it was a "B" unit but I have yet to find a flaw) the other was from newegg for $129 but had a $40 rebate, that I received). The total price was about the same because newegg shipping was considerably less than Antec.
  2. All Lian Li's are beautiful. The PC7 is probably their most affordable. I highly recommend it since I had a build with one a couple months ago.

    Both factory fans are pretty quiet and move enough air. Both the front and rear fan are 120mm, which is ideal for a quiet case.
  3. The Antec 900 won't be that quiet because of the fans & screens
  4. NZXT Zero
  5. The P150 did it for me. Has good sound-dampening, and is not too big. Nice understated white finish as well, with subtle blue lighting at the front.

    The best feature though is the in-built suspended drive cages.

    But it comes with a PSU.
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