CD/DVD Drive won't recognize new discs, but plays old ones...

I'm having a really hard time figuring this out. I've scanned tons of message boards, and while I can find *similar* problems, none of them, or their fixes, work or apply here...

Here's what's going on..I'm on a HP Pavilion dv9500 notebook pc. I've had it about half a year. So far, everything has worked perfectly.

This week, the CD/DVD drive began acting buggy. It makes an odd beeping noise when booting up during power up, and it makes it take a good minute or two longer to boot up during this process. Then when I try to manually access the CD/DVD drive from My Computer, it says E:/ Application not found!

It will not run new installation programs, however, the tricky bit is it WILL run CD's for already installed programs.

A good example of this is Diablo II. The game needs the CD to run, and it will run perfectly, no lag starting the game up, and no skips/lags in gameplay. So I know the drive is reading the cd.

However I want to install software for a new router I just got, and it DOES NOT at all see that the disc is in there. When I try to access it, it does the same thing it does when I boot the PC beeps a few times, about 3 or 4 seconds apart, and then just apparently gives up. Interestingly enough, it does the same thing with the previously mentioned Diablo II disc. Beeps, then acts like it can't find it, yet right after I can open up the game and it can find the CD.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions/fixes? :cry:
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  1. Just as an update, I restored my PC to a previous setting, and it actually brought up the installer for Diablo II (since it's already installed, it just brought up a screen asking if I'd like to play).

    However, I put in the router CD, and no go. WTH????? :fou:
  2. Speaking from an old tech standpoint of view, when someone in
    days gone by brought me a drive that was malfunctioning as you
    describe, I would always replace the laser due to component
    degradation over time. This worked in about 80% of the cases,
    and the other 20% were either disc related or component board
    level failure.
    However, this may or may not apply to your particular situation.
    a. Is there any deformation or residue on your intended
    non-readable disc?
    b. Is there any protection schemes? either on your computer
    or on the disc?
    NOTE: In some few situations, the reader portion of an rw drive will
    malfunction while the burner works flawlessly or vice-versa....

    Good luck
  3. Well it's less than a year old, so I wouldn't think that the laser wouldn't be degraded that badly yet, right? And it just started doing this all at worked fine one night, then the next night it started goin crazy on me.

    The discs I put in are in flawless condition, and as far as protection schemes, it's doing it to cd's I could run before, and I've made no changes?

    Not sure if that was the info you were looking for, but thanks for your reply. :D
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