Powercolor HD3850 xtreme looks like the best budget card on the market

Have a read of these reviews. It keeps up pace the 8800gts. Even outdoing it in some games. The other thing to look at is the temps. 57c under load is pretty impressive. Also note that this is a 512mb card not just an overclock.





In the UK overclockers has got it for £130 which is bargain if I ever saw one. In the states it'll probably go for around $200 which is also a bargain.
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  1. Disapointing perf though - Level with the gts.. so still hammered by the GT.. (and which GTS model do they use??) Shame they're still using Farcry and not Crysis BM. (and 3d mark 2003??)
  2. Its not meant to compete with the 8800gt. Its the hd3850 not the hd3870. Its nearest price competitor is the 8600gts. Its performance is level with the 8800gts. Find me a 8800gts that costs £130. The cheapest 8800gts's are about £180 and they are the 320mb versions let alone the 640mb.
  3. Ironnads said:
    Disapointing perf though - Level with the gts.

    8800 GTS performance for $180 is dissapointing to you? That's odd. The 8800 GTS was the best card for the cash for a long time, and the 3850 is more than $100 cheaper than both the 8800 GTS and the 8800 GT.

    It looks pretty damn far from dissapointing to me. Looks more like the sub-$200 savior of the world...
  4. Thankyou Cleeve

    Thats my point exactly. This version looks like bargain of the year. Personally I can't wait to see what other Ati partners can do with this.
  5. looks to be, maybe I should wait for a little while to see if nvidia cards prices drop to match this new card, should do!... only this morning I see a Geforce 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 drop to £140 from £180 ... I have an SLi motherboard... so I'm screwed at the moment!
  6. Nvidia's going to make it more confusing, along with the 8800gts 320's and 640's still in stock, they have the 8800gt 256 and will be coming out with the 8800gs.

    Still, I'm going 3850 512 when income tax refund arrives in February. Right now, the 3850's performance is better than the 256 meg version of the 8800gt, as well as the old 320 meg version of the 8800gts.

    I don't think anyone should get a 256 meg card right now. 512 megs seems to be the new standard for DX10. Can't wait to see what 3000 core goes into the Swift when AMD releases Fusion some time in 2009.

    My ideal is to have a hybrid Crossfire that doesn't slow down a 3850, but adds at least 10% to 20% performance, with energy saving features that turn off the 3850 when not gaming.

    Has anyone heard anything recently about hybrid SLI? Nvidia's been very quiet as of late.
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