how do you make a bootable Vista partition on RAID 0???

i have just finished a new computer build

i have 4 HDD's installed in this computer

2* 500G WD HDD
2* 750G Hitachi HDD

i want to set the 2 hitachi HDD's in RAID 0
make 3 partitions in this 1.5T RAid 0
and install Vista on one of them as the primary boot partition

what i did was

1) Set up SATA as RAID in Bios
2) Set up the HItachi Drives in Raid 0
3) installed the Vista first on a 500G WD HDD
4) Using this Vista, i made 3 partitions in the HItachi RAID 0
5) Then i installed the Vista on a partition in the Hitachi RAID 0 set up
6) reformat the 500G WD HDD
6) Set the HItachi Drive as the primary boot drive in BIOS
7) NOW the computer wont boot and is saying that it cant detect any OS installed

what can i do?

Basically now i just have to tell the bios to boot from the Partition i just created in Windows...

PLease help
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  1. Well this isn't my best area of knowledge but i believe you need to set the OS partition as the ACTIVE partition. This can't be accomplished in the bios but i I think you can do that using a Gparted live cd.

    This is just my best guess.

    Good Luck!
  2. You need to install raid drivers when you install Vista onto the raid 0 array.
    When you installed the raid array after the 500GB drive it was still booting off the 500GB and not the Raid 0 array.
    You will need to start from scratch, or do a repair install maybe.
    During the install of vista it asks if you want to load drivers for a disk controller, this is where you say yes and load the driver for the raid controller on your system.
  3. how do i load the RAID array driver?
    where can i find the driver?
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