Graphics card for intel pentium 4

can i know whether we can put a graphic card in pentium 4 system
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  1. As long as your motherboard has an AGP slot, or a PCI slot you can.

    If you tell me what make and model your motherboard is I can probably even tell you what cards will work exactly.

  2. Hey, I might be the only other one here who uses a P4.
  3. Graywolf, you use a P4??? Here I thought you just lived in the forum like Max Headroom! <grin>
  4. Yeah, I probably have the most conservative comp here, but it's plenty fast for me.
  5. Oh, I don't know... right this moment I am typing on an Intel Pentium M 1400Mhz with 512MB of RAM!
  6. Goody! [:wolfen18:9] Most of the guys here have supersonic systems that are capable of launching rockets to the moon. I built what I needed. :)

    Back to Samuel...
  7. Yes... Samuel... do let us know what make and model your motherboard is, or what make and model your computer system is.

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