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Hello all,

I'm about to buy a computer based on a Q6600 CPU that will perform lots of rendering.
I need a very basic graphic card because there will be no gaming on this computer.
The thing is I also need a card with VIVO becuase I understood it can be used to capture video from VHS (I will need to do it).

Could anyone please recommend the cheapest PCIe card that will enable me to capture VHS videos ?

Thanks :)
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  1. Look for an X1300 or X1600/X1650. Most of those have VIVO.
  2. Someone told me 2400pro should have AVIVO but he has no idea if it can capture video with good quality...
    How can I find out ?
    Found nothing about capturing on the net :(
  3. AVIVO is not VIVO.

    Avivo is a marketing term that applies to the collection of technologies that Ati uses for video.

    VIVO means Video In Video Out.

    That's not to say the 2400 doesn't have VIVO, just wanted to clear you up on that.

    As for the highest quality, that'd be component video... but you want to capture from VHS, so you'll want an S-video input if your VHS player has one, or a composite input if your VHS player doesn't have S-video.
  4. You could always go with a TV card that has onboard MPEG-2 hardwre encoding to handle your Video-In/Video-Out.

    Tom's Guide Review: 3 Video Cards Do Hi and Std-Def + Capture
  5. You don't want a tuner card for that.

    Quality for capture from VCR goes s-vid > composite > coax.

    Best thing is to get a capture card that has analogue composite/svideo inputs. Since most older VCRs didn't have Svideo you'd want to ensure it has that, as it's better not to have to use a dongle to adapt it if you don't have to, or pay more for stuff you don't need.

    I'd say get something like a Pinnacle Studio board or something similar, unless you actually plan on ever using the TV portion.

    Also, as nice as hardware encoding is, it's not as important anymore with fast CPUs, memory and HDDs, especially if you want to endcode to another format.
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