Can not recieve XP online updates

If this is not a suitable forum for this posting would someone please suggest a better one to me.

I bought a new PC a few years ago. - a Hewlett Packard DX2200 PC.

It came with Windows XP installed. So I posess a paid-up license for XP.

I had previously owned another PC also with XP on it which I had installed a number of applications.

Instead of reinstalling all of the apps on the new PC I chose to transfer the contents of the C partition from the old PC to the new PC. I have been using this older installation of XP for several years without any problems.

However, I have found that I can not install XP updates online. Am I right in assuming that this is because the XP that I am using does not comply the MS Genuine Advantage requirements?

I believe that my problem is with the product key. If so, I have replaced the key with the one found on the label on top of my pc using two procedures:

First procedure is described at The Windows Product Key Update Tool - uinst.aspx?displaylang=en&sGuid=09dc3487-2128-46cc-818f-a2f9dfbe745d

Second procedure is described at Windows Help Forum Windows Discussions Windows Tips, Tutorials & Articles -

Using the Magical Jellybeans application I can confirm that I have apparently successfully changed the product code.

I still can not receive XP updates online.
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  1. If MS thought it was invalid, you would get an error message, so it's not that.

    Have you been going for several years without updates? Have you been trying to install all along, or only recently?

    Are you installing them from the downloads or manually from

    What happens when you try to install? error message?
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