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Could anyone give me some info about their own personal experiences with Steam? Is it something worth getting and using? What do you think of it?

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  1. It's great for getting cheap games. That's about it for me: it's annoying as hell, lags, pops adds during gameplay and refuses to close unless terminated via task manager.
  2. Well a friend wanted to get me some games on it and he said i need an account before that? Would you recommended I get an account?
  3. It's free to create one.
  4. Sunius said:
    ...and refuses to close unless terminated via task manager.

    Right click Steam in your icon tray and select "Exit". Steam will close. And in my experience, Steam has only displayed ads after I close down a game.
  5. It gets suck at "syncing with cloud" for 30 seconds if I do that... And there are constantly ads if I minimize the game.
  6. Ok. Well thanks for your replies. I decided to get one since like Sunius said, there are cheap games available. Cheaper than buying them at shops in my opinion.
  7. I have around 30-50 steam games. Not one of them pops up an ad (I use "view/small mode"), unless this is something new they added. Steam doesn't lag for me or show problems of shutting down like Sunius says. He must have other issues with his machine.

    When steam first came out long ago, it sucked, but they have come a long way since then. It's one of the few forms of DRM that I don't mind using.
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    The Stealthinator said:
    Could anyone give me some info about their own personal experiences with Steam? Is it something worth getting and using? What do you think of it?



    Kindly I ask your attention.

    It's very slow in starting and that kind of stuf.

    I liked it that all the needed stuf was done by one program, all you need for gaming. You can download demo's too.

    I stopped using it after a discovery that one livense key can be used only once ad an account. I bought a second hand old game Lost Planets and never could play it because of it. accourding to the one how sold it, he deleted it from her/his account and Steam doesn't help with second hand stuf.

    So, next time when buying a second hands game, ask if the game runs by Steam.

    This goes for Ubisoft too.
    Just ask if it being used and if so, if the one how used it, deleted it from her/his account. If it's possible to register it after a deletion from an account.
    Ask the providers themselves.

    I bought a new game (sealed in plastic foil) and still someone had it registered ad her/his account. :o
    They told me that it was an second hand game, because some used the license key.

    Guess, no more Ubisoft games too.
    It's a shame really, I have a lot of Ubisoft games. At about 3 or 4 each year.
    Some of them:
    FarCry & 2, Hitman Collection (accept Absolution), Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter & 2, Rainbow Six Las Vegas & 2 and more.

    But you can look on the net for free games and cheap games.
    Start searching for games from about 2005, they have still good grafics.
    And a game you didn't play, isn't bouring. Only if you just don't like it.
    And there are a lot of free for online play.

    You have to look it like this, they promote and keep the guard over the games with there own system, so the game play online has one site to go to when a problem accures, they filter it and send it where needed.

    Everybody was telling Lost Planet can only be installed and played by Steam.
    Not true, I bought one new for a try and find out they use the games for there firm to live and develope the system better. (Normally.)


    Good luck and have fun doing it! :D

    :D Happy Hollydays & Best Wishes 2013! :D
  9. Thanks, mate. You too.
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