Vista x64 Display Driver Error - 8800gtx

My screens will go black for about 3 seconds and then a pop-up will come up and say "Display driver has encountered a problem and recovered"

I have been having this problem for a couple of weeks now, it started when I download the crysis demo; but I did a clean install on vista, so that can't be it. I have the latest stable driver from nvidia: 163.75

Any help would be really appreciated.


Here are my specs:

Q6700 @ 3.33
2x2gb Patriot PC-6400
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6
eVga 8800gtx
2xseagate 400hdd (Raid 0)
XP Pro x32 & Vista Ultimate x64
Corsair 600w GameXtreme
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  1. I've had a driver problem myself with a 8800GT and Vista 64.

    Uninstall the driver from the add/remove programs, reboot, and then reinstall. It seemed to work for me.
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