please help me out cux i just amde my new computer password nd den evrythng deleted... although i did not click any "delete" button ...i just made new paaswrd ov computer........pls tell me how to bring all files back.......????????? HELP Meee
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  1. Navigate to your c:\documents and settings folder. This folder contains several folders that have your user names on them. If you see more than one folder name that has your user name as part of its name, look in those folders and see if your files are in any of them.

    Let me know how you make out.

  2. its not working......
  3. Hi jenii,

    I need more information from you to try and help you. What is not working? You can't find the C:\Documents and Settings folder, can't logon, or can't get Windows to start up at all?
  4. Why do you think the files are deleted? What do you see on the screen?

    You may be on a different user profile. Go to start, and log off. If you have created a different user profile, you can select the profile you want after you log off.
  5. u know guys what i am tired of giving information..well i will give because i am in problem..actually i just changed password of my computer..and when i again opened my computer.. i was shocked to see that all old folders like songs, photos, videos, important folders..they all were deleted. i just want to know how to bring all files and folders back..
    By the way, i can't find C:\Documents and Settings folder....
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