Where to find Office 2003 .iso?

Heya Tom's!

So... I have two copies of Office 2003 - one is professional, and one is... not sure, actually. It's a burned CD because the original got too scratched, but I failed to write what version it is.

That being said, my new computer doesn't have a disk drive, and I can't wait to order an external one.

So where can I find an iso of the CD's that I can use to install Office? I know that 2007 is better and newer, but frankly, I don't like it and I don't want to pay for it - I already have two copies of 2003.

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  1. Contact microsoft. They should be able to help you.
  2. I've tried - they "don't support" Office 2003 any more, and tried to get me to spend $70 I don't have on Office 2010.

    But thank you - that would have been the best bet, otherwise.
  3. Why not just take your disks to a friends house and use their burner to make an ISO unless of course the disk is copy protected somehow.
  4. :hello:

    Hawkeye22 has there a poin again. :D

    You can download the ISO image, you need a virtual drive for it.
    Try MagicISO or Alcohol52 or Alcohol120 and many more.
    Microsoft has one too if you like.

    However, it might be that your true license key will not be accepted.
    So, you have to try.

    I don't know where, but you could start the search on the net if you like. And you don't have to look for an ISO, an installation version .exe could do it too.

    I would try to copy the files ad a friends (or where ever) pc with a drive and send it by email as an attachment to your own email address. You can download it from there to your computer. Yahoo has an attachment option for bigger files that might be put in parts before. You can use 7Zip for it, it can Zip it in more parts. Don't use self extracting, the email website, Firewall and/or Anti-Virus software might block it.
    You can do this with an ISO file too, when I'm not misstaken.
    So, no matter what you choos, you can retrieve it ad your own comuter.

    Good luck & have fun doing it! :D

    :D Happy Hollydays & Best Wishes 2013! :D
  5. I know of 2 options that you could do. The first is to try a free alternative, like OpenOffice. The second is to try to find the iso under torrents.
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