vGuru or uGuru on abit IS-7

just wanna ask...
do abit IS-7 motherboards support uGuru or vGuru softwares?

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  1. If I remember correctly they did not start supporting uguru, and especially vguru until some models after that. I believe they had a bios revision using the Soft Menu 3 at the time and then with the next chipset release was when they started the whole uguru software implementation in both bios and windows, but I could be mistaken. This is just off the top of my head! Hope this helps.


  2. thanks for the info..
    i supposed it doesn't support coz i've already get latest bios from the website for the chipset then try to install uGuru or vGuru still not working....

    any other info guys..
  3. vguru was for the gfx cards.
    IS7 doesn't have uGuru, AI7 did.
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