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In the market for a 20+" LCD display for image editing & color work. As I understand it, IPS LCDs are the best but who stand out among the crowd?


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  1. Depending if you do "real" professional image editing (where you need to have your monitor calibrated etc. ), then I would go with LaCie, any model should do fine since they are almost all 12 or 16 bits displays, but if you are looking for a more affordable solution (ie "Prosumer" models), it all depends on your budget. In essence you get what you pay for.

    The cheapest Lacie monitor (a 20" model) is about 1050$, all the way up to 2500$ fpr the 26". But mind that they all come with calibrating software and hardware.

    I found that the Samsungs, in the more mainstream models, are quite nice when comparing color depth. Also, as you pointed out, ISP panels are the better choice here.

    I used alot of LGs and Viewsonic monitors, and found that if your strapped for cash, LGs can do quite nicely since most model offer high contrast ratio and good color depth. The comparably priced Viewsonic model are a bit better in color, but tend to be a bit overpriced.

    My 2 cents.
  2. The high end NEC's are also very good.
  3. EIZO
  4. Keep 'em comin'... :-)

    In my searching I found an interesting site which had some hard data as far as gamut, etc. was concerned. I thought some of you might be interested in it as well.

    If there's anything not quite kosher about this site, please let me know...

  5. Well those are the main ones I would recommend as well, EIZO, LaCIe, NEC, Mitsubishi, Samsung, and I used to really like Liyama, but they've kinda dropped their quality a bit IMO.

    It's still going to be an issue for colour separation/gradient, but that's always been and always will be an issue for LCDs IMO.

    My recommendation for best colour reproduction for the gradients displayable would be for an LED lit LCD, like the Samsung 20" XL20, and if you have the bank the 24" and 30" should be out shortly (may already be out near you, but they aren't out here). The NEC 21" is another to consider but it is getting Long in the Tooth and still expensive compared to the Samsung last time I checked, but the rumour is a refresh is expected sometime in the next little while with the new Phillips' Luxeon LEDs.

    I still prefer my BIG CRTs for any serious colour work because I can pick out noise better, but to each their own. Hopefully with these recommendations you can find a good match.
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