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I'm going to try to o.c. my Sapphire 3870x2 tonight, and was just thinking about temps.

What kind of temps are people seeing from this card?

RivaTuner shows the temp @72 degrees most of the time (idle). Seems hight, but I've never had issues with performance. I've even set RivaTuner to automatically adjust the fan speed, but it seems to be acting just as it did under stock control, which is fine. I don't find it too loud.

I'll have to double check GPU-z and compare it's temp readings with RivaTuner.
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  1. Mine runs @72 under load (multiple 3dmark06 runs) but that is on only one of the two GPU cores. The other runs about 18 degrees cooler.

    I'll post again once I actually install the second card and have 4gpu temps to report but I think it's an issue of the way the stock cooling is setup where the first core is getting fed cooler air.

    Do you not have temp reading for each core? If not, I know everest will give you both temps seperately.

    As for overclocking the GPUs I haven't had time to experiment with it, but I heard the memory alone is rated to 1000mhz so getting that extra speed out of the memory shouldn't be an issue.
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