Windows Vista 32 Bit - WIll 4GB Help or Does it Make No Sense?


I am currently running Windows Vista 32 Bit, and I've done quite a bit of research on the upgrade to 4 GB and all the problems with recognization and utilization.

My PC recognizes all 3 GB. IO want to upgrade to 4 GB to help with my music production software.

I know the PC may not be able to recognize more than like 3.5GB max, but would it still be useful to upgrade to help the computer run a little cleaner and healthier/take the load off of my current ram? Would I see no difference in performance?


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  1. Hi. I don't think adding an extra gig of ram will make a lot of difference for what you want to do. Do you bounce your tracks down to audio to ease your system resources? If you use a lot of VST instruments you will easily crash your system even with four gig of ram. You may be better installing vista 64 bit or windows 7 64 bit and you will be able to at least double your system memory. The problem with changing your operating system is software compatibility eg. Ableton live, Cubase. You will have to check if your version will run on it. Until you decide what to do, try things like bouncing down your audio before adding tracks, using less Vsts at one go, muting audio tracks ect. There are various things you can do to help your system.
  2. It will only recognize about 3.25 with the 4 gigs installed.
  3. It may recognize 3.5 GBs, but that's it. So, it's not going to give a significant increase for you. Honestly, 3 gig is fine for whatever programs you are using. Now, if you were doing hi-res video editing or gaming then I'd advise you to use Vista or Windows 7 64 bit and get 6 GB of ram.
  4. Spend the money upgrading to Windows 7 instead of buying additional RAM, you'll probably see more of a speed increase by not running Vista.
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