Error with Windows Updates and SP3 Bundled with XP

I have purchased a Windows XP with SP3 OS. After installation of the OS I installed the high priority updates from Windows. Following that the boot up screen would keep cycling without ever logging into Windows. The BSOD error is STOP: C000012a. I have read many forums and I believe the best course of action is to reinstall the OS. It seems there is an error with the Windows updates when being installed on a version of XP which is bundled with SP3 already installed. What I want to know is...How do I install the high priority updates without encountering this error again?
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  1. Thanks Tilweh. I do know how to adjust the settings for the automatic updates. I considered installing the 60+ updates one at a time, but eventually I would come to whatever one it is (hopefully it was just one) that caused the error and I would need to start all over, with the knowledge of what that one update is and not install it and hope there would not be another one. The only benefit I see out of installing the updates singularly would be they may all correctly install if the pc is rebooted between the updates.
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