Strange temp drops in Core Temp

Q6600 GO, VID=1.25
Actic Freezer Pro or Xigmatek HDT S1283

OC 3.3ghz@1.35v. Small FFT stable for 8hr 20min with out failure.

I went and read through the temp logs. The temps maxed out at 67C, but every once in awhile they would just fall to 60C. I mean straight fall from 67 to 60C. They'd then climb back up and repeat. I've got all the thermal monitoring stuff disabled (it can't be that anyway because when it kicks in you'd see 67, 65, 63, 59..etc type drops--IE they drop fast but not 67 straight to 60C. This happens across all the cores at once.

I just replaced the Freezer pro with the Xigmatek (Frosty Tech article sold me). The Xigmatic lowered my idle temps about ~4C and the loaded temps by ~7C. I really wonder how this thing would do against the TRUE.

Anyway, the temp drops are still happening. Same OC 3.3ghz@1.35v. Now it's 60c...and then it just falls to 54C, climbs back up, and repeats.

Anyone see this before?
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  1. You're probably running Prime95 Blend, which cycles through a variety of test with assorted Loads that indicate different temps. SpeedFan will clearly show these variations in the "Charts" tab. Use Small FFT's which provides a steady Load and steady temps.

    Comp :sol:
  2. I wish it was that easy. But I'm making sure to pick small FFT....
  3. Do you have any background programs running? If so, disable them and try again. Also, don't use the pc when testing, that might be the problem.
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