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I've come across used fujitsu MAX3147 SAS harddrives.

they are of the 3.5'' form factor if that can help

However I dont know what kind of controller to buy and what cable that I should use to connect them. I've searched a lot on google but I havent found anything yet. Do you know how I can identify the correct connector types and the correct SAS controller card I should buy?

Thank you
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  1. Most SAS controllers today use a SFF-8087 type connector normally called mini-sas. This can then plug directly into backplanes, SATA hard drives, SAS hard drives and other connections. For you to use a SAS hard drive without a backplane you will need this cable. (or one like it)

    Go to this link and scroll down

    There are a few different SAS cards listed there. But you can use any SAS controller you want either RAID or not. I would stick to Adaptec, 3ware, or Intel/LSI. If you get a really old controller in may have a different interface and you would need that cable type accordingly, which is most likely also listed on that page above.
  2. Hi

    thank you for your time

    this image seems to say that sff-8482 connectors are compatible with "old power supply" kind of connectors
    this seems to be the same with all sff-8482 connectors

    this must be the safest bet i have so far
  3. I cant tell from that picture you linked to if the adapter is attached or if it come off allowing a SATA tyoe power connection. I have seen some older Adaptec cables that were attached and you could not remove them. The cable I linked to provides a SATA connection for power and also comes with the adapters. I use this cable for my SAS drives and connect it directly to a SATA power connection.

    What controller are you looking at?
  4. SFF-8482 29p can connect SAS HDD, 7p is to SATA HDD.
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