Q6600 hit wall after 3.4ghz.

Antec earthwatts EA500
Q6600 GO, VID=1.25
Xigmatek HDT S1283 (replaced Arctic Freezer Pro)
Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800
BFG Tech GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB

I got it stable at 3.3ghz@1.35vcore (ran Small FFT's for 8.5 hr's before I shut it off)
3.4ghz@1.4v seems okay. Ran Small FFT for 30 min and 3Dmark06. Will run this tonight to verify that it's stable.

But once I go to 3.45ghz or higher, it crashes usually within a few minutes regardless of vcore (I tried all the way up to 1.5v). It crashes like clockwork.

Could it be the FSB can't handle anything higher than ~380mhz? Do I need to tweak the FSB voltage?

I didn't list the temps but they're all fine. At 1.5v the cores are getting close to 70C, not great but not reason for crashing right? There is one strange thing with the core temps (even on stable OC). They'll heat up to a max value (example 65C), and then immediately fall ~7C. Sometimes they'll stay at the new low level for ~hr, sometimes they'll climb back up and fall again repeatedly. Only the 2 hottest cores do this. The other 2 will stay constant (+/- 1C).
With the Freezer Pro, the hottest cores were always 0 and 1.
With the Xigmatek, the hottest cores are always 0 and 3.
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  1. I increased the FSB voltage by 0.2v It booted (3.5ghz@1.45v). I'm running small FFT now (no failures for 10min). I dunno if it's stable, but it's definitely better. It wouldn't even boot before.

    By the way, increasing the northbridge voltage (MCH) by .1v seemed to have no positive effect. it crashed (3.5ghz@1.5v) before loading windows.
  2. Hmmm. Havent I seen alot of people using that board? I am pretty sure it should go over 380.

    You need to make sure your NB is at 1.4 for 400, watch your CPU PLL Voltage, Give it at least .1 over the VCore. So if your VCore is 1.40, make it 1.5, or 1.6.

    FSB Termination voltage needs to be somewhere near 1.50 as well.

    Believe it or not, I have something of a similar problem. At 3.8, I always bomb out when Prime goes to switch from 1st pass test 3 to 4. KBooom! No matter the VCore. From 1.5 where it should/is stable. To 1.6. No effect.

    However, I have never crashed, not one time at this speed, and my daily core temps stay well in the 50c unless I test stuff. The TRUE is impressive!

  3. just bump all the volt by +0.1V that should be good for what you running at.what is your temp at 3.4 anyway?
  4. What is PLL voltage? Where do I change that?

    The P35-DS3L has:
    FSB (+.1, +.2, +.3)
    MCH (Northbridge) options are +.1, +.2, +.3
    CPU voltage control

    I don't know where to set FSB termination voltage either...

    Temps at 3.4 are ~59C stressed.
  5. yeah thats the two voltage.both +1 and the temp you got allow you another 14C to play with.

    i guess you can do 3.6G easily with 1.475V or maybe less,ram 2.1V 4-4-4-15 800Mhz,NB+FSB +0.2V SB+0.1V
  6. if you dont know just +0.2V every option available.
  7. Houston we've achieved stability!

    FSB +.2
    MCH +.1
    Cores are 65, 65, 63, 65
    Small FFT for 7hr 20min (and still running while I type)

    Problem is I made 3 changes at once:
    1. I updated the bios to version f7 (i'm not messing w/ any beta version)
    2. I set MCH at +.1
    3. I increased the vcore from 1.45 to 1.475

    I don't know which one made the difference. Guess I'll try for 3.6ghz and find out.
  8. set it to 3.6.what fsp you running at?389x9?i would ant +0.2 to MCH!you temp is too safe.set the Vcore to 1.5V just dont let the temp of the core go above 75C.

  9. While Compu's guide says the max temp is 75C for the Q6600 G0, I think it's better if you stay below 65C. This is because the extra heat might make the NB/SB/vidcard too hot.
  10. Glad to see ya got it cranking. You will not get much more heat to hit 3.6, so that part is good!

    While people recommend keeping the FSB lower, by using the x 9 multi, the higher the FSB, the higher you can sync your RAM. I would recommend also looking for any info on fsb holes for that board. Sometimes you cant pull off a 400 fsb, but 405 will work, hehe. Thats just how it goes.

    But, as you have seen, all that trial and error is the best! Get some quality time sticking your fingers around in your computer, and all over her keys!

    Gotta have that quality time to get to know her, inside and out!


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