7600GT AGP Problems

We recently bought a Leadtek 7600GT AGP graphics card to be able to play some of the newer games on an older system.

Our system consists of:
P4 2.8ghz Single Core
1gb DDR Ram
Leadtek 7600GT AGP graphics card

We also bought Bioshock to play.

The problem is, when we load up Bioshock, CoD4 or Spellforce2 (came with the card), the respective games will start, get past their developers credits, show their opening movie and then the game will shut off. The monitor will say "No Signal" but the PC continues to operate.

Funnily, this problem only affects these games. I can play Counter Strike: Source, Halo, Fifa 07, Overload, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, all with no problems whatsoever.

It seems the newer games are causing these problems.

We have tried the following things hoping they would fix the problem to no avail.

Changed the Page File
Turned down Flashy Effects
Turned down the resolution
Tried both the supplied drivers and the latest Nvidia Drivers
Changed the monitors
Taken out an old stick of RAM
Removed our Norton Internet Security Program

And we still have our problem.

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  1. No absolutely sure, but use IE to go to the Windows update web site to see if it wants to DL some sort "games patch". I know it did in Vista Home Basic after I installed the COD 4 and Crysis Demos. Vista actually prompted me to do this before running either demo. I believe the patch was related to the Nvidia video driver, and/or DX9. I have the PCIe version of the 7600gt.

    Just a hunch.
  2. I had the same problem, my system is a athlon 2800 , 1 gig ram and a ati 9600xt. In my case I couldnt get pass the splash screen. I went into Call of Duty 2 and copied mssmp3.asi file (activision/COD2/main/mssmp3.asi) and moved it to Call of Duty 4, replacing the file that is there. The game runs fine now. If you are afraid of doing this , just rename the COD4 file and you can rename it later. Hope this works for you.
  3. I ran Windows Update and this made no difference.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Rdb, not really sure what your aiming at, I don't have CoD2 and since it's causing the same problem as Bioshock and Spellforce2, I doubt that that fix would work.
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