Program to split AND name 8192x8192 .raw(16bit) Or even .tiff

Alright, here it goes.

Lookin' for a program that can split a .tiff file (No compression = No loss in quality) into segments. The file in question is a 8192x8192 heightmap in .raw 16bit format, but am willing to convert it to a .tiff, then convert the resulting pieces back into .raw using Photoshop.

If it is of any importance, the tiles need to be at 1024x1024 resolution, resulting in 8x8 tiles = 64 tiles total.

However, what I need this software to do, is name the tiles as it splits the main image.

The naming scheme needs to follow this: A_B
A = Tile's position from main image on the X axis
B = Tile's position from main image on the Y axis

So for a tile made from the bottom-left of the image, I.E, 0 across, 0 up, would be 0_0
A tile made from the bottom-right of the image, I.E, 8 across, 0 up, would be 8_0

A tile made from the top-left of the image, I.E, 0 across, 8 up, would be 0_8
A tile made from the top-right of the image, I.E, 8 across, 8 up, would be 8_8

Main reason why the file needs split up as it is a height map that I am going to put into Skyrim, but I chose the wrong option for World Machine 2 to make a tiled world; resulting in a big 8192x8192 file.

I'd do this manually, but when I work on bigger and greater heightmaps (and forget to make it tiled), doing the process manually will be insane.

So....Yeah. Thanks in advance.
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  1. : hello :

    You might find the answer her:

    MEGA Terrains and Terragen TER files in Vue Vue

    Good luck and have fun doing it!

  2. That has nothing to do with splitting an image into sizeable chunks. Had my hopes up there T_T

    Thanks anyway.
  3. Sorry
  4. Well, I figured out a way to split it in World Machine.
    Made a height-input node, pointed it at the 8192x8192 heightmap I made, linked it to a height-output node, then built a tiled world @ 1024x1024 per tile.

    So yeah. Problem solved.
  5. A simple answer ...... Have you tried "File Splitter and Joiner" ? This program can split any file into several parts then put it back together again without actually altering the file itself. It used to be very useful in splitting up large video files to enable the files to be sent by email attachment then reassembled.
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