Fastest memory that works in this?

Hi, my friend has a amilo pro v3405 laptop and I'm wondering what the highest speed ram it supports.
It currently has ddr2-533 memory, but can I use ddr2-667 or ddr2-800 in it and will it run at that speed?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Standard Memory 512 MB (removable)
    Maximum Memory 2.0 GB (supports dual-channel)
    Memory Expansion 2 sockets
    Model Comments 533/667MHz FSB, Intel 945GM Chipset

    667Mhz is maximum that i945GM chipset supports.
  2. You can use DDR2 667 or DDR2 800 because the memory is backwards compatible and may work in the system (it may not cooperate too), but the memory will not run at PC5300 or PC6400 speeds and there will likely not be any adjustment available in BIOS to make run at anything other than the default 533 mhz. speed of the system. You would essentially be wasting your money to upgrade to the PC5300/6400 to achieve higher RAM speeds on that system.
  3. Well, you can try installing a PC5300 667mhz. DIMM and see if the BIOS will pick it uo and run it at 667mhz. I doubt the BIOS will have any manual adjustment to accompolish the higher RAM speed.
  4. Bus Frequency on that system = 533 mhz. (see table on link I posted)

    edit: 945G is a micro MB chipset, not notebook. My 945G runs PC5400 667 DD2, but it's an 800mhz system bus system.
  5. So 533 is the max it will run at or 667? The 667 one is about $15 more than the 533 so it would make a difference.

    Also, would a 4 latency be noticeable against a 5 latency?
  6. I installed some crucial notebook memory in a system the other day and it work perfectly. Crucial should do you well. Just add a Crucial 533mhz. 512MB to what came with the system, that's what I did except I was working with PC2700. 8)
  7. chipset supports dual channel DDR2-533/667, and FSB 667.... So 667 should be ok.... I suppose it depends wether the 133Mhz difference - really makes a difference...
  8. CAS 4 would be high performance, CAS 5 works fine too. It looks like 533 mhz. is the max RAM speed for the system. The Crucial 533 mhz. would probably work well in there. Maybe just add a 512MB 533mhz. DIMM to what came with the sysrtem (a 512 MB 533 mhz. DIMM?). 512mb to 1GB upgrade is the move to make on a non gaming XP machine. 2 GB for a gaming-type XP machine is preferred.
  9. Funny...the Crucial link you posted says nothing about recommending DDR2 667mhz. for his system! 533mhz. is recommended.
  10. So you are 100% sure ddr2 533 is the fastest memory that will work in that system? Very very sure?
  11. Go to Crucial's website and put in your system specs. Crucial would certainly recommend PC5300 DDR2 667 mhz. RAM to you if your system would run the RAM at the highere speed. I don't know what the confusion is.
  12. Well, I think wazzUK is posting the specs for a 945G micro board (i have one) and that chipset runs 667 mhz. RAM, but not PC6400. I think your ystem will run 533nhz. max RAM speed with not adjustment for higher speed in BIOS.

    I would do a little more searching about your specific system or even send the Mfg. support or Crucial support an email and ask. If you purchase Crucial PC5300 667. mhz. memory and install it I think it will fine, but it will run at 533mhz.
  13. Quote:
    Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-4200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

    oh i dunno - they dont help much lol... doesnt say whether its "supported" - just will hold lol....
  14. Well of course it will be fine, but will it run at that specified speed?

    I can't find any Crucial 2X1 gb kits that have 4 latency and run at 667 mhz on newegg...
  15. Alright good good. He's using vista too...and he has 1 gb at the moment. I'm guessing 2 gb running at a higher speed with lower latency will really improve performance, don't you?
  16. Crucial apparently does not have 'tested' DDR2 PC5300 667mhz. DIMMS to recommednd for that particular notebook. That is kind of odd. In my mind, if the Mfg. says 667 mhz. is supported then the RAM will run at that speed in the system.
  17. I would be interested to know. If the systen runs the new RAM at 667 mhz. let us know.

    Here is Corsair's recommendation when you punch in your system. I do not understand why PC5300 667mhz. DIMMs are not listed. maybe the vltage regulator will not support higher voltage DDR2 PC5300?
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  19. Yeah, your certificate states you will never again toss 533 for 667 and be happy! 8)
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