Need some help on my 4400+ o/c

Gonna start by saying that this system is on it's last legs, gonna upgrade soon, not sure on what yet tho, looking at 5000+ be, 6400+, or phenom if they fix the blasted things. Anyways to the matter at hand, rather than taking a screen shot of what I have I'm gonna post a link of the cpu-z validator dump, , any one got any suggestions on what I can do to get a little more power out, also if I bump multi to 8.5 I fail prime with core 0 (1) core 1 (2) is perfect in prime tho. I'm currently 100% stable and run good, just seeing if more seasoned overclockers have some tricks I haven't thought of.
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  1. try different multipliers, my 6400+ seems to 'prefer' odd multipliers. so maybe your cpu will run better set to x9...

    oh and dont forget to play with vcore, thats always the last thing i remember...

    otherwise good luck, hope i was of some help
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