Failed restore points

I am seeing the same problem with the restore points as other people from this site have seen.

My friends computer (XP) has JUST had Norton installed 2 days ago. The issue is that a virus was deleted 2 months ago by some guy that was trusted and 75 gigs of iTunes music was lost.

I'm going to try to restore to January and find the files. Hopefully I can save them to the "music" file and restore back to present day and see the saved music.

What do you think? Am I on the right track?

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  1. you may not get all of them..

    its about 4 months & there will be lot of data read & write with your HDD, so also system restore wont hold all the restore points, it will remove the old one when its make new restore point after some time (by default 10 to 12 % of you drive will be used for system restore)

    whay dont you try with recovery option
  2. The problem with the failed restore point attempts is with Norton. All that needs to be done is this:

    1) Open Norton Antivirus
    2) Click SETTINGS in the upper right hand corner
    3) Uncheck the box that says NORTON TAMPER PROTECTION
    4) Select the time frame that you need tamper protection to be off
    5) Your restore point selection should not fail now.

    I hope this helps someone.
  3. System Restore restores the system files, not lost data.
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