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My notepad document window is too deep and I can't "grab" the bottom edge to pull it up.

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  1. what about other windows,,

    adjust screen size , vertical & horizontal ratio in your monitor..
  2. other windows are fine. It's just the notepad window. It's happened before but I just can't remember how I fixed it.
  3. get CCleaner & scan for registry errors, it may fix it..
  4. Do you see the X in the top right corner still? If yes, click the square to the left of it.

    If it's hidden behind the taskbar, right click on the taskbar-->properties-->check the box to 'auto hide,' click apply and ok. After a second, the taskbar will shrink down at the bottom, and you should be able to grab notepad. Then you can uncheck the box to autohide the taskbar.
  5. right click on taskbar then click on Restore
  6. 1. aford10: There is no "properties" option in the taskbar.
    2. ak3085: "Restore" doesn't do it either.
  7. Properties isn't in the taskbar, you have to right click the mouse on the taskbar to bring up the menu. At the bottom of that menu, you will see 'properties.' It looks like this:
  8. Ahhh. I thought you were referring to the Notepad taskbar. Yep, your fix worked. Thanks.
  9. You're welcome.
  10. You know, it funny. And a little embarrassing. I've been doing this since 1988 and yet there are those pesky little things that seldom crop up that stymie me.

    Thanks again. Just joined the forum. Great resource.

  11. Computer hardware and software change all the time. We can't know it all.

    Welcome to the forums!
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