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I'm trying to help a friend on this one. It's a stock HP Pavilion a1230n. She was trying to clean up some crap programs that her kids loaded and obviously deleted one too many files. We can get no video from boot up -- either with the system boot or a PowerSuite 2007 boot disk. She even had HP send her some replacement boot disk. Nothing works. I suspect either a BIOS problem since it doesn't even show the initial boot up functions. I not a computer pro -- I welcome any advice someone might have.
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  1. She didn't cause this. The video drivers and everything on the HDD comes after POST. If the video card isn't displaying an image when the computer powers on she has a hardware failure. If the computer is under warranty (unlikely) then she should have it fixed by HP, otherwise look at the video card or PSU as the causes for no video. Does everything else seem to be working? Do the fans spin? Does the computer beep? Does windows load (music plays after a minute) and you just can't see it? If that's the case then the video card is dead.

    Ok, google says the video is onboard. If that is the case, the MB would be the problem as there is no video card.

    Recheck that the monitor actually works, that everything is still connected properly, ect. If so, i would say the MB or PSU died.
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