Belkin F5D7632-4 problem.

I'm having a problem with my F5D7632-4 wireless router.

I have been trying (but failing) to set up the security for my wireless router because we have been told that people are able to access our internet.

I did contact Belkin and the sent me back this;

- Log on to the router web interface at
- By default, the password is blank.
- Click on Security.
- Choose the Encryption mode (You can choose between 64 bit and 128 bit.)
- Enter a pass phrase and click on Generate (or you can enter the hexadecimal code manually)
- Make a note of the key that generated on the router- it is case sensitive.
- Click on Apply changes.

Note: The pass phrase should be 10 digits for 64 bit and 26 digits for 128-bit WEP encryption. It can be a combination of alphabets and numbers from a-f/A-F & 0-9.

On the wireless computer, enter the key that generated on the router by following the steps below:

-Open the wireless connection icon from the system tray.
-Check if you have any Available networks and click on “connect”
-If not, click on “Advanced” button and click on Wireless Networks tab.
-Click on `Refresh` under the Available Networks.
-Select the network under “Preferred networks” and click on Properties.
-Make sure that the SSID is correct.
-Enter the generated key under Network key.
-Uncheck the box "this key is provided for me automatically".
-Click on Apply to save settings.

This is all well and good but here is no option to automatically generate a passphrase when trying to set up the security for it. And both the computer and Xbox are connected to the router ad we have no wirless computer.

This is all incredibly jargon filled for a mear 16 year old to be able to understand. I can't make sense of it basicaly.
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  1. You do have a wireless computer -- it's the computer you're using, assuming it has a wireless adapter in it (and if it didn't why would you be trying to set up a wireless connection ?)

    The instructions from Belkin are correct for using WEP -- I would use WPA if possible but perhaps the Xbox only does WEP.

    The Passphrase generates a HEX string -- you apply the HEX string to the wireless adapter's user interface on the computer and on the Xbox.

    The simple way to avoid miswriting the HEX is to use the mouse right click button to highlight and copy the code -- then paste it into the Xbox and computer's interfaces.
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