I fried my computer overclocking

Hello, my computer had an e6400 clocked at 2.11 gigz... All i did was overclock it to 2.5 gigz (not messing with anything except clock speed) using msi config. According to all the system temperature tools it was running cool even though it had the crappy box cooler. I even played COD2 for about 3 hours on it.

I wake up this morning and try to power up my PC and everything lights up fans turn on except it immediately starts BEEP *BEEP* BEEP. with intervals of about 1 second. None of the peripherals power up and computer obviously wont start.

Great so it seems i fried my CPU? Ive seen people on these forums who overclocked their 6400 to 3 gigz for years without problem .(i wanted to stay on the safe side at 2.5 gigz).

People also assured that as long as you dont mess with your core voltages your not going to fry your CPU. So much for that idea.

Can any1 help me out with this mess or give me advice for the future?

Im going to try to have the CPU replaced with warranty (not mentioning any overclocking, which shouldnt be the damn problem since i didnt push it or mess with anything besides the core clock.)

Lets see what happens. Thanks for your replies
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  1. just reset the bios.the "reset BIOS" jumper or if there isnt one unplug the the power and remove the CMOS battery for 30sec to put it back in.It look like just the setting is wrong and your system wont be able to boot up with voltage that are too low.maybe for the memory is you didnt configure it.
  2. I agree. I seriously doubt your CPU fried on stock voltages and normal temps.
  3. Also make sure you set your ram up correctly. In other words, don't overclock your ram untill you know you have a good stable overclock on your processor.
  4. OP said he OC'ed using msi config. Is that some sort of OCing program? If so, what good will resetting the bios do?

    It's entirely possible you have a bad stick of ram so take one out and try.
  5. i have a msi board.OP you mean the dual core centre?not good.avoid using it.just use the bios!!!:)
  6. Yup, clear CMOS and you will start up again at default settings. You probably just ran your CPU FSB past what the default voltages can handle.

    You always want to OC from BIOS and restart your computer after each change from a cold start, not just a reboot.
  7. if you too scare than i think you should just leave it or get someone to show you it.
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