Youtube videos sound garbled xp

reinstalled flash earlier version still same problem exists.

youtube garbled and any other video file I have also.

itunes perfect.

can you please help me? this is soooooo frustrating.

have updated realtek drivers but problems continue.

Thank you.

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  1. Try this:

    Run the Task Manager
    Go to the options, and check hide when minimized
    Minimize it; you should now see it by the clock, and it will show you a graph of how much your CPU is being used.
    Run a video

    If the task manager shows very high CPU usage you either have a video driver problem or your CPU is overheating and running slow.
  2. thank you got so frustrated that got my older desktop connected and no problems there. will do this when I connect desktop again and I have oodles of time to continue troubleshooting.

    happy holidays
  3. No rush, post when you can.
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