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I have a HP Pavillion that won't boot. The "Windows XP" screen will flash, and then I get the screen with the "Safe boot" selections; none of them will work. I ran the Recovery off the CD and performed a chkdsk /r and found that there were some bad sectors that couldn't be recovered. Is there a way to boot up and at least get my data off? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Install a new hard drive. Install windows on it. Make the old drive a slave or secondary drive, and then transfer the data to your new hard drive.
  2. Insert your xp cd in CD-ROM, once the system begins booting from the CD, simply follow the prompts that will allow the loading of the basic files needed to run Setup. When you see the Welcome To Setup screen, press R to start the Recovery Console.

    You'll then see a Recovery Console menu. It displays the folder containing the operating system's files and prompts you to choose the operating system you want to log on to. Just press the menu number on the keyboard, and you'll be prompted to enter the Administrator's password. You'll then find yourself at the main Recovery Console prompt.

    use the Fixboot tool, from the Recovery Console command prompt, type

    Fixboot [drive]:

    Where [drive] is the letter of the drive (like C:) to which you want to write a new partition boot sector.


    use fix Master Boot Record, from the Recovery Console command prompt, type

    Fixmbr [device_name]

    Where [device_name] is the device pathname of the drive to which you want to write a new master boot record. For example, the device pathname format for a standard bootable drive C configuration would look like this:

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