Automatically append &hd=1 to YouTube video URLs

Hi all,

Is there a way to set up your internet browser (be it Chrome, Firefox, IE9), to automatically append the paramater "&hd=1" to any YouTube video URL?

Typing &hd=1 automatically sets it to 720p HD or 480p if 720p HD is not available. For some reason, it won't set it to 1080p - that still has to be done by selecting it in the pop-up menu on the video player itself. The other problem is, that people have to type &hd=1 for every video they navigate to, if they want the highest resolution and higher quality audio.
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  1. Which browser specifically are you wanting to do this in?
  2. Mozilla Firefox - there is an app called Better YouTube which can do it, but it reports not being compatible with the latest version of Firefox.
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