I have been trying to use both pieces of software above (Power ISO/Magic ISO). When the software's instructs you to save as ISO, it saves it with an icon like so (see image link below): (However, it does save it with the extension ISO (But, a nonworking ISO).

Again (Power ISO/Magic ISO) saves it with the wrong icon. This prevents it from mounting or booting or acting like a ISO should. I have tried everything online that I could think of. It has to be something simple. I don't know. Please help!

The softwares should save with a different icon such as: see image link below, and have the ISO extension. It would mount and boot then. I'm almost positive.

Please help me.

Thanks Bruce
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  1. Have you checked within Windows to verify that the associated program with that file type (.iso) is indeed PowerISO? It looks like WinRAR is currently the associated program, and is causing your problem...

    To change this, right click the icon and select "open with" then choose PowerISO. As well, you can select "choose default program". Your computer may automatically suggest power/magicISO, but there's a good chance you'll have to browse to where the powerISO .exe is to select it.

    Hope this helps!
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