Asus P5K Premium WiFi AP

Will I have to do anything for this board to accept and run at 1066 or will it automatically do it with 1066 ram...?
if so what do i need to new so anyhelp is appreciated thanks

Asus P5K Premium/WiFi-AP

4 x DIMM, max. 8GB, DDR2 1066*/800 / 667 MHz, non-ECC, un-buffered memory
Dual channel memory architecture
"* The chipset officially supports the memory frequency up to DDR2 800MHz. Tuned by ASUS Super Memspeed Technology, this motherboard natively supports up to DDR2 1066MHz

if im reading this right how do i tune with asus super memspeed technology
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  1. No, just install the DIMMs and off you go. If you really want to make sure, check your BIOS settings to make sure it doesn't report it slower and/or to ensure its set. 1066 is great, but even 800 will perform quite well on this board.
  2. More than likely the RAM will detect at 800mhz and will actually initially run at 1:1 with cpu so if you have 1333fsb cpu the ram should run at 667.

    To correct this you can change the FSB:DRAM ratio in the bios as well as set ram to 1066 with everything at stock ratio should be close to 2:3 i think...
  3. ok so how and what should i change the FSB RAM ratio to
    yes the cpu is 1333 fsb.....

    (also much thanks i took your advice chookman about the psu and the videocard & the others)
  4. actually i think 3:4 is closer for the ratio.

    Are you overclocking at all?
  5. dont really know how or what this entails
    although ive read a little bit

    i would like it to be overclocked but also id like it to be extremely stable so anythoughts on this are appreciated as well
  6. Check out this sticky over in the overclocking section

    Itll help you out heaps and get you started in the right direction. Even if you arent overclocking yet, it will allow you to understand whats happening a bit more.
  7. Hi, my question is related to 1066 and the P5K Premium motherboard. I just ordered the mobo and Corsair XMS2 DDR2-1066/PC-8500 (Model QUAD2X4096-8500C5DF). There are 4 modules of 1 GB each. After I placed the order, I noticed in Asus' QVL that those modules are supported but only 2, not 4.

    1. Will all 4 GB be functional or will only 2 GB be functional?
    2. Will the FSB be severely lower if going with 4 GB versus 2 GB due to the tight timing and signal integrity?

    I just hope I did not waste my money going with 4 GB. Maybe Asus has not tested the 4 module configuration yet or you cannot achieve 1066 operation? Thanks for any information! The components arrive tomorrow :)
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