WHY does an 8800GT crush 8600gt SLI'd?

Hello, just wondering the reason(s) why a single 8800gt apparently crushes 2 8600gt's SLI'd. I've read countless posts and articles stating how an 8800gt mops the floor with 8600gt's sli'd, but I cannot find anyone actually explaining why this is true.

Maybe I'm missing some obvious reason here, and if so I apologize.
Here's a comparison chart http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce8.html

Is it perhaps the 8800 gt's 256-bit mem interface, or maybe the vast difference between their texture fill rates?
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  1. The 256bit interface and faster transfer rate mean the world in video cards and the 8800gt is a beast.
  2. 112 SPs for the 8800gt
  3. The most significant thing:

    The 8600gt has 32 Stream Processors, while the 8800gt has 112.

    Not to mention that SLI doesnt scale perfectly
  4. i think i screwed up, thats for the gts argh sorry
  5. Yeah, what's the scaling with 2 8600's? Somthing like 20 - 30% on average? Unless you are using the highest end card sli is worthless and deffinitely not cost effective.
  6. wh3resmycar said:
    i think i screwed up, thats for the gts argh sorry

    No, the GTS has 96 SPs
  7. Tom's hardware guide:

    "A disturbing trend of people posting questions on a tech forum yet are unable to figure out how google works... or the search function of said tech forum"
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