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GA-965P-S3 can a version 1.0 run a 1333 FSB CPU?

Last response: in Motherboards
December 10, 2007 7:57:44 PM

On the Gigabyte site it says the 3.0revision can run 1333FSB CPUs but the 1.0 version says nothing about 1333FSB. As the chipsets are the same does anyone know if I can run a core duo 6750 in it?
December 10, 2007 8:18:23 PM

unfortunately rev 1.0 cant officially run 1333mhz because of a slight hardware difference, you can always try but chances are it wont work.

sorry man, i'm in the same boat as you if it makes you feel any better :p 
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December 11, 2007 2:58:55 AM

Thanks, I've got a processor so I might try it but I have to see if that voids my chance of returning it to Frys. I could try a E4500 which overclocked might be as good.
December 12, 2007 3:28:03 AM

I have a similar problem. I've been buying my parts 1 at a time and stupidly bought my MB last year but didn't buy my processor (waiting for prices to come down). I got a GA-965P-DS3 (rev.1) which is a good board but now it looks like I can't buy any of the E6X50 processors. It seems like a waste of money to buy an E6600 right now so I'm probably looking at an E6320 or E4500.
December 12, 2007 5:01:58 PM

Sometimes these MB will support the new processors unofficially. I think both the 1.0 and 3.3 versions use the same bios so I might give it a try. If not my son will get the 6750 with the free ECS motherboard it came with and I'll overclock my current core 2 duo E4300