Windows 7 freezing after startup

My Windows 7 account has started freezing not long after startup.
It works in safe mode. My virus checker has failed so I can not do a virus check. in safe mode I can not re-install a virus checker. I have run the Ashampoo register checker and corrceted all the faults.
bar reinstalling the operating system which was an upgrade from Vista I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions
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  1. Try running your anti-virus in the SAFE mode. If it finds something, clean it and run it again, until it finds nothing, then try running regular W7 - updating your anti-virus definitions and running the anti-virus again. If all this fails, put the drive in another computer that works, and run an anti-virus scan on that drive - cleaning until it finds nothing. Then re-install it to the original computer and try it.
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