E4500 vs Pentium D 945

I've got a intel Board which has limitations to CPU's,the board is a D965WH.I'm changing the CPU and what i can get at the moment to work in the board is either a Core2 E4500 or a PentiumD 945+ (3.4GHz).Both these CPU's run at 800FSB and both of them have 2 cores.However the E4500 has 2MB L2 cache and the PentiumD 945 has 2x2Mb L2 cache.Which CPU would give me better performance?????
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  1. E4500.
  2. Rolenio said:

    Fully agree. better performance, lower power consumption. If you OC, then E4500 will bested PD by relatively huge margin
  3. E4500 is at least 1.5x faster than the 945D in almost every concievable application. I had a D915 overclocked to 4ghz and it was slower than my stock E6300.
  4. Thanks guyz,I just installed the E4500 and when doing the Vista performance test it showed that the core2 is at 5.1 and my old CPU was 4.9(PentiumD 925 3GHz) so not a huge increase but at least an increase for performance and costing me nothing.
  5. shouldn't ask windows to benchmark your proc. The difference between cpu's in numbers is not really there. Try a real benchmark program like 3dmark 05 or 06.

    The windows performance test is an indicator, shows it's faster then the previous, nothing more.
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