GA-MA69GM-S2H - How to overclock?

Hi all,

I just built a new computer using this motherboard with the black amd 5000+ chip, but to my dismay I was unable to overclock it in the bios that it shipped with. I tried to Windows program it came with (EasyTuner I think it was called), but here the overclocking options were disabled. Do I need to find a new bios for this? I've read the comments on newegg regarding F3 and F3A, but I'm a little confused - never flashed a bios before (usually I can just overclock with the bios that comes with the motherboard).

Thanks for your help!

James Wright
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  1. Here is the specs of your board from the Gigabyte website:
    I don't see any overclocking features for that board in the specs. It does mention Easytune but it seems it only supports a hardware monitoring function.
  2. Thanks for looking into this!

    The only thing that makes me think it's overclockable is that there were some reviews on newegg where users referenced upgrading the bios and then overclocking the exact same chip I have. For example:

    Pros: Easy setup with driver disc specifically for Vista, great 64bit support! Fantastic flexibility, overclocking very well.

    Cons: 1 - Must have 1.8V ram 2 - Must FIND YOURSELF bios F3a (not F3) in order to Overclock 3 - Must hit CTRL-F1 in bios main screen to "unhide" all the goodies.

    Other Thoughts: 5000+ Black Edition running at 3.2Ghz without any major problems after getting the correct bios, F3a.

    Any idea where/how I would find F3a?


    James Wright
  3. Happy to hear that you'll be able to overclock. :) Have no idea where you'd find the F3a BIOS. The only one I could find on the Gigabyte website was the F3
  4. Try this:
    I got it from another forum when I did a Google search for the BIOS. Let me know it it works!Good luck.
  5. I will give it a try, thanks!
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