Good graphics card for around USD$140? (SGD$200)

Not much to say, just that I'm building a new computer and I'm wondering what would be the best graphics card to buy for a budget of about USD$140. Games that I usually play are CS:Source, TF2 & Hellgate: London.

Anyone can advice me on this?
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  1. 1950PRO
  2. Buy a Radeon HD 3850 if you can spend a little more.

    It is priced at 150USD!
  3. If you can find it for $150 that is a good deal. But then X1950Pro the best in the less than $150 range.
  4. Radeon HD 3850 is best card in that range of price i advise you to squeeze you're pocket little more and get it.
  5. ya ill take 3850 too its da best bang for money
  6. Mmm, thanks a lot guys. The only problem is that, I'm not sure if the shop that my father frequents has it in stock yet. I'll try to keep a lookout for it though. =)
  7. HD 3850. anyone that tells you otherwise is wrong. Unless they tell you to wait for the 8800GT 256MB version.
  8. Don't buy from a shop - you will get ripped off (Unless things are different over there in the states, but i doubt it).

    Internet FTW.
  9. 3850 or the new 8800GT that will appear in a couple of weels with 256Mb or ram on it ... I can sense NVIDIA in panic mode.

    3850 is also very economical on power ... at idle and under load.

    Should OC quite well I imagine if you chose a good model / Manufacturer.

    Methinks Saphire will have some competition as I imagine XFX etc will get on the superclocked wagon with these to push a range of price points in the very lucrative 130 - 170 buck range.

    Good luck !!

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