Can't load Windows after installing HD2600pro AGP

Hi All,

I have bought a HD2600pro AGP, however i can't start windows xp after installation.
I can see the "Intel Screen" and enter the BIOS, but it just freezes at Intel Screen or freezes at black screen before the "Windows XP loading bar" appears.

what can be the reasons? because i can see the Intel / BIOS screen, probably the video card is working?
from the box, it said min power supply is 400W, but mine is only 350W, does it really matter?

any ideas? thanks a lot!

CPU: P4 2.8G
RAM: 512 * 2 + 1G
MB : Intel D865PERL
Two Hdd, One DVD RW
Power Supply: 350W
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  1. Put back your old card go in to device manager and disable it and enable the new card.
  2. thanks, but when i use the new card, i even can't start windows, and windows xp didn't have chance to detect my new card, so i can only disable the old cards, but no new card for me to enable

    things just "freeze" before the "windows xp loading screen" appears
    hdd doesn't seem to be working at that moment as the LED doesn't blink
  3. Reinstall the entire windows XP.
  4. I would try other things before a complete re install. Boot your computer into safe mode with your old card. This can be done by tapping F8. Chose safe mode. Then go into device manager and rollback drivers on your video card. Restart and go back into safe mode again. This time you want to remove all drivers. Make sure you also go into add/remove programs and make sure there is no old drivers or new ati stuff. Then shut down computer. Install new 2600 and see what happens. If that does not work you could always run chkdsk /r or you can do a repair install. Those don't work backup data and reinstall.
  5. the weird thing is that, when i am using the video card, i can boot with the installation winxp CD
    but if i use the new video card, it just freezes without loading any bootable drives

    any ideas?
  6. If it says you need a minimum 450 watts you should have 500 watts wich gives you some head room....350 is not enough!
    Get a decent power supply! enermax,ocz,antec,etc.......
    You should be good to go after that....
  7. yes... i borrowed a supply with 400w just now
    it is still the same
  8. thanks all
    the problem is fixed after flashing BIOS :)
  9. I have this same problem but with a Sapphire x1650 pro. I have the same mobo too. What do I have to flash?
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