CPUs e6850 oc version of e6750?

Hey everyone, first post but been looking around a bit for my new computer. (The one in my profile, I think)

I was simply wondering if the Intel C2D e6850 3.0GHz was essentially an officially oc'ed e6750 2.66GHz, akin to what happens with superclocked etc. graphics cards, or whether it uses a different design to regulate heat.

The real reason for this is, if it is the same and just oc'ed then I may as well just buy the e6750 and oc it myself, if however it is different, is there any justification of the extra price? And could I achieve the same clock for a similar temperature?

Thanks for any replies,

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

    well E6750 and E6850 has the exact architecutre,same FSB (1333MHZ), same cache (4MB).........

    and as u said the main difference is that E6750 runs @ 2.6 but E6850 runs @ 3.0

    so, if the $ different isnt much , then go for E6850, but if the difference is much then go for E6750 and OC
  2. Thanks for that, and for the welcome. I think I may well go with the 6750 to save on the new machine.
  3. These regular CPUs have locked multipliers, the e6850 at 333x9 and the e6750 at 333x8. The "9" and "8" are fixed depending on which you purchase. Unlike factory-overclocked graphics cards, which hardly have any headroom, these CPUs have substantial o/c potential. Both should easily hit 3.6GHz on stock parts, as long as your board can support the proper FSB and possibly small adjustment to voltage. You can go much further with good cooling and higher voltage.

    The design is otherwise the same. Even the binning is said to be identical.
  4. Definitely go with the the E6750 and put the extra cash into a GPU if you are looking at gaming.

    The E6850 is rarely recommended unless the poster is flush with cash.
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