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I'm trying to make changes in the "Security" tab of the "Properties" dialog on a Windows XP (SP 2) hard drive.

Administrator is set to full access, which is fine. I need to add Network, so that I can access the drive from other computers on my home network. I can add Network, but when I make changes (such as allowing Read Only access) and then click Apply or OK, the Properties dialog freezes with the Apply or OK button stuck in the "pushed in" position. The only way to close the Properties box is to click on the X in the upper right, which crashes Explorer.

The setting that I'm trying to change here (allowing read only access over the network) is obviously stored somewhere, such as in the Registry or in a Security Profile. So my question is: what do I need to change in the Registry or Profiles to set this value manually (thus bypassing the explorer crash)?

Also, a related question: Why do I even have a "Security" tab on this drive? I have 7 other drives, none of which have the Security Tab, and they all work fine over the network. Is there a way I can simply get rid of the Security Tab, and handle Sharing via the Sharing tab, like I do on all of my other hard drives?

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  1. No. In the Security Tab you should add 'Everyone' and give them Read-Only rights
  2. Whether "Everyone" is better than "Network" is debatable, I use "Network". However, it's irrelevant, since both produce the same result: frozen Properties dialog followed by Explorer crash.

    So, I'm back to my original questions: where are these settings stored, and can the "Security" tab simply be turned off (since it does not exist on 7 of my 8 drives, including my system drive).

  3. XP Pro or Home?
  4. XP Pro
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    Appearantly XP Pro does not always 'show' the Security Tab on all drives unless you are actually connected to a Domain.

    Check out this link. This may not be your full answer, but it might lead to it:
  6. The Security tab shows when SFS (simple file sharing) is not enabled. The settings is in My Computer -> Tools - > Folder Options - > View -> Use Simple File Sharing.

    I too have the Security tab (because I want it) and I too am freezing when clicking Apply after adding or removing a user name from the list inside the tab. I know I am doing it on a share folder of a big drive (1TB) which has a few hundred thousand files. I wonder if that is the cause, ie, it is supposed to take hours, assuming all files/folders security settings inside must be touched regarding the new settings.
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