E6600 how much vcore is too much?

Hey, I had another thread but this is off topic enough, I thought I was better off just making a new thread.

How much vcore is too much vcore for my E6600? I believe the Intel spec says that it is rated up to 1.3525v, but I've read other pages of people taking their vcore up past 1.5. I'm currently looking at a 367(x9) fsb giving me 3.3 GHz, and my DDR2 800 ram underclocked to 734 mhz for 1:1. It is stable now, for 2 hours (so far) in Prime95 at 1.424v. Is this too high? I don't really want to burn out my cpu.
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  1. you will never be able to burn your cpu.even you max the vcore.
  2. So, can I run my E2160 @ 1.8V?
  3. Of course you can burn your cpu. All you do is run at 1.5V and quickly take off the heatsink. I'm sure you're burn it somewhat.

    Anyways 1.5V is the max for the 65nm C2D/C2Q, it's not recommended to go over that.
  4. of course not by taking the heatsink off!come on be sensible!:D
  5. You said you'll never be able to burn the cpu. You never said anything about being sensible!
  6. lol alright my wrong.let me phrase it again!

    You will never be able to burn the cpu if you left everything as it is with the heatsink and fan attached.even if you max the fsb or the voltage!

    does that sound right now?
  7. No. Just toss it into the fire. It'll burn alright.
  8. how about drop it into liquid nitrigon and take it back out and throw it against the wall?
  9. That will shatter. To tiny pieces. Not burn.
  10. dont tell me you dont know in todays hardware there is a protection that will shut the pc down before anything goes wrong.even all the speedstep,tm1 and all the clever feature turn off,there is a final protection mechanism that cant be turn off and its therefore you cant burn your cpu!!!if dont believe me google it or ask lupirion.he has experienced it!
  11. Oh I know that. But will it trigger fast enough if you instantly remove the heatsink? Like I said, it will probably burn some.
  12. So I can run my E2160 @ 1.8V long enough to run 3DMark?! :ouch:
  13. Ok thanks guys. I hadn't planned on taking the heatsink off ;) so I think it's safe. Thanks for the replies.
  14. I take it that you bear some kind of grudge against the E2160?
  15. lol of course
  16. All joking aside. I love my system. I have a very stable OC @ 3.2GHz and it's everything I hoped for. But this is the first chip I've ever OC'd and it's become an obsession. The only reason I want to run @ 3.4 is so I can break 12k on 3DMark06. After that, it'll probably stay at 3.0GHz.

    ......and no, it's not worth $75 (chip cost) to see 12k. I'm already at 11700.
  17. Thats where I'm sitting with my E6600 too, 3.2 GHz. I had it stable at 3.4, but it was WAY warm (70+). I'm happy with the OC, I'm not happy with how high I'm having to keep the voltage though. Does 1.4125 sound high to anyone else? Any lower than that, it crashes. At this voltage its been (and still is) running Prime95 for exactly 4 hours now. Temps are warm (~62), but not terrible. I definitely wouldn't mind cooling them off a little though.
  18. only stable for 4 hours?you need 8 at least.
  19. No, I know, it's still running. It's up to 5.5 now.
  20. alright i see.whats you setting?what fsb x multiplier @ vcore,mem timing@speed+voltage?
  21. Oh, sorry, I guess thats my other thread I had going with all that info.

    fsb 356 x9 (3.2 GHz) @ 1.4125v
    memory DDR2 800 4-4-3-5 (2T) @ 711 MHz for 1:1 @ 2.1v

    My ram is actually at spec with those timings, and I underclocked it for the 1:1
  22. you have 4-4-3-5?i can only get 4-4-4-14@800mhz.how can you get 5 at the last timing??
  23. The world's rather wide ain't it?
  24. I'm confused. Actually....uh, never mind.

    ....anyway, your temps CPUvoltages are fine for that OC....good job.
  25. Ok cool. Thanks alot guys.
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