Cannot connect to internet via Ethernet or WiFi

I have been trying to help a friend with their computer over the last few days, and ultimately I had to reinstall the OS system (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1). After installing, I wanted to perform the windows updates so I went to connect it to the internet. My original plan was to connect via Ethernet because I did not want to hassle with putting in the long numeric password for my WiFi. Upon plugging in the Ethernet, I still had no connection. I went into the network settings and the program read "Windows cannot find any networks." When I go to manage network connections, I only get a Bluetooth network connection which is "not connected."

I though that it may have just been a bad connection at the Ethernet port since the laptop is in pretty rough shape, so I turned on the WiFi. I still cannot see any networks to connect to and get the same results in the manage network connections section.

My next guess was that this was a driver issue. I went into my drivers and first looked under network adapters, but only Bluetooth devices were displayed. After toggling on and off the WiFi, I could see that it affected the "Other devices" section which contained three devices labeled "Base System Device," and three others: "Ethernet Controller," "Network Controller," and "Video Controller." All of these device's icons have an exclamation mark on them which seems to indicate to me some sort of error; however, I cannot update these drivers as clicking on their details and properties only shows them as unknown, and I cannot connect to the internet to update them automatically.

I have tried using the driver disc that came with the computer as well, but installing those drivers had no effect.

I am assuming I am in the correct place now, and that the drivers are the issue, but I am still not 100% sure. If they are the issue, I am at a loss on how to fix them. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    You need to download the correct drivers from the laptop manufacturer's website and transfer them via a flash drive.
  2. Those drivers are not listed on the manufacturers website.

    *Edit* There are different drivers listed under network drivers which I will try shortly
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