Please help me w/ my A8N-SLI motherboard

Alright... I recently just bought a used A8N-SLI (not deluxe) motherboard. It was OEM and it didnt come with any driver discs or anything. I am running a 4600+ X2 and 4x512 sticks of DDR400 RAM.

My problem is that before I swapped mobos I downloaded what I thought to be the right driver from Asus. When I went to install it my it had an error program has to close right away.

What I want to know is first where I can get a good driver from (whether it be from Asus website or nvidia itself) basically the minimum driver that will allow me to get online to download all other drivers like sound, video, and such.

Do I have to install the driver from the ASUS website or can I just download the nforce4 driver from nvidia? What do I have to do to windows xp considering that I didnt reformat or anything... I just swapped mobo's.

Also for anyone that has this mobo can you tell me of any tweeks that you know of and best overclocking config that you've accomplished with what processor and all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... also with the drivers if you find what I need can you provide a direct link?
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  1. It's not a good idea to swap motherboards without reinstalling windows. You don't have to do a total format/reinstall to get it working right though. You can do a windows repair install that will just replace system files and leave the rest of your stuff intact. The website linked below will show you how to do it.

    As for the drivers. I have that motherboard and have never used the drivers off of the ASUS site. Just download the nForce 4 drivers for windows XP off of the Nvidia site. Install them after you do the repair install. <-link to drivers
  2. Cool thanks for all the help. Unfortunatley I must have burned onto a disc the wrong driver to begin with and the wrong driver from Nvidia.

    I burned onto a disc the newest driver from asus' website and that driver worked fine.

    I swapped out the mobo from an older nforce4 to an nforce4 sli so windows didnt need to be reinstalled. I had to re-activate it and install all the drivers of course. Acutally sound driver I didnt touch.

    Works like a champ now... just wish it were faster. Now overclocking begins.
  3. This motherboard sucked! I burned it!
  4. I have an Alienware Aurora 5500 with the A8N-SLI Deluxe board, AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+. I would like to know what you would suggest as to an upgrade motherboard. I would like to make the machine more modern technology-wise. It was good in its day, but I want a faster one! What would you upgrade to?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    If you would like to e mail a reply its
  5. Well... if you want to upgrade just the motherboard than you are very limited... as I completely doubt that they even make 939 socket mobo's anymore.
    If you are serious about 939 socket mobo upgrade than dont... you already have the best!
    When you do upgrade you just have to decide what you want in the mobo. Do you want SLI support? Do you want Intel or AMD proc? DDR2 or DDR3?
    When you decide what kind of stuff you want then you can easily research the kind of mobo that you want. I just bought the EVGA 780i and love it... it supports the new intel 45nm and has pci-e 2.0 at full 16x lanes each.
  6. Well I have SLi and it really does not seem to help with World of Warcraft. I like AMD chips but am open to Intel. Don't want to get ddr3 as it is crazy expensive. What I would like to do is upgrade processor/memory so as to speed up the game playing power but not blow 5 grand upgrading it. What chip would you go with? And thanks for the response.
  7. Better yet... this memory is 34 bucks after rebate:
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