Removing Avira Antivirus Pop-up

I wanted to disable the pop-ups for Avira AV so I searched the internet and saw THIS.

Two questions:

1. I first followed the steps but since I was in a hurry, I made a mistake and followed the one for Windows 2000 / Windows XP Pro. I tried to delete them but can't remove everything. It says, one should be left disallowed. How can I remove it?

2. I then followed the instruction for Windows 7 Ultimate. However, I kept getting notified after start up and from time to time when using my computer which basically beats my purpose, to block notification pop-ups. Also, it sometimes disables my mouse when I'm gaming or browsing. Anything I can do with this?
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  1. Now granted I haven't looked into Avira too closely in a long time, but my general understanding is that the "price" of the free version is that you get some kind of popup trying to push the paid version. Trying to circumvent that would be software piracy, at least in spirit.

    So I would say either cough up the money for the paid version of Avira or try one of the other free AV programs such as Avast (only requires a once a year registration), AVG Free (locked to a slower definition update server), or Microsoft Security Essentials (requires "genuine" version of Windows).
  2. Agreed. We won't help you hack the program to bypass the ads, but you can and should vote by choosing another program.

    I always look to one of the review sites for the best current free AV software, as it changes yearly.,2817,2372364,00.asp
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