4GB memory problem....please help

I have an IN9-32X max MB and am using 2GB of OCZ2T8002GK memory. I upgraded to 4GB of G.Skill f2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ DDRII2GB. When running both sticks, I get the BSOD. When I run each stick individually, they run fine. Running both sticks together on memtest 3.4, I get hundreds of memory failures. When running memtest on one stick of memory installed, I get no memory failures.
This is the second set of memory I have bought. I rma the first set, but I think there is some other problem. I have eliminated caching and stealthing in the bios and still have the problem. I am would like to get the 4GB to boot into Vista 64. Any suggestions on what to do? I am dumbfounded on why memtest passes 1 stick installed (tested both sticks this) and when installed together, they fail.
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  1. First, increase the voltage to the memory.

    Second, lower timings.

    Third, make sure that your mobo is compatible with your memory.

    Fourth, try different slots.

    Fifth, get new mobo.
  2. timings for memory are 5-5-5-15 with 2 to 2.1 volts. I set it to auto with voltage at both 2 and 2.1 with same results. Motherboard is capable of 32GB according to Abit sight http://www.uabit.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=32&Itemid=48&page=1&model=333

    I have tried other slots and have same problem. Like stated before, I have already rma memory once. Old OCZ memory works fine, but is only 2gb. If old memory is good, then mb is good....Correct? Each of the 2gb modules work individually, but not paired together. I will try lowering timings, but stated speed according to chips are 5-5-5-15 and 2 to 2.1 volts.
  3. Have you tried running one stick of the new memory with both sticks of the old - just to see if it works? If not - try each new memory separately and maybe several slot combinations. You might also try one stick each of the new and old.
  4. Prolly the voltage setting.

    Take it off auto, set to 2.2, and try booting with both sticks.

    Most auto settings are garbage, always undervolt the ram.

    DDR2 past the 533 stuff is always aproblem for most boards, especially the enthusiast stuff.

    I rma'd prolly 6 sticks of prolly good ram and 3 motherboards b4 discovering the voltage angle.

    Try it and report back, might need to go 2.3 to be stable in orthos or prime......

    EDIT- OCZ does seem to need more juice than others in my case. Upped to 4 gigs Corsair XMS, and dropped .2 on the voltage compared to the previous OCZ (2 gig) set.... Heat spreaders needed due to more voltage??
  5. Ram is rated from 2.0 to 2.1 v. I have tried all voltages between these ranges. Are you saying I should undervolt or overvolt from these given ratings?
  6. sounds like a windows problem?
  7. I undervolted memory to 1.95v and am up and running. thanks for the help. I was about to overvolt it, but figured that would not be good for the memory or the warranty. Thanks again for the advice. I know now that rated voltages from the manufacturer are only guidelines, not always workable solutions.
  8. well it worked for a while. PC is back to BSOD halfway through booting up. I am back to using my old 2GB of OCZ2T8002GK. I will rma this other ram again. Any ideas on what is most reliable memory to purchase? I am tired of G. Skill's unreliability.
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